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Check Your Health is a partnership among the Utah Department of Health, Intermountain Heathcare and KUTV. You can view health information and workout ideas here, on YouTube or on KUTV.

Check Your Health Commercials

Proper Prescription Disposal


An Active Family is a Healthy Family



Get Active


Get Screened



Workouts on the Web

Compression workout using legs

Dirty Dogs

Chair Runner's Lunge


Bent Over Rows

Desk Push Ups


Tricep Kickback


Isometric Rows


Lunge to the Side


Strength Training with Squats

Push Up all the Way to a T


Scorpion Push Up


Push Presses with dumbbells

Core Exercise with dumbbells


Twisting Exercises

Push up with rotation

Dumbbell Hip Raise

Chair Oblique Crunches

Chair Squats

Staggered Arm Pushups

Jedi Plank

Dumbbell Pullover

Jump Squats

Turkish Get Ups

Spiderman Plank & Push Up


Squats While at Work


Stand Up at Work


Single Leg Deadlift

Archer Pushups




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