Bring Breast Cancer Screening to Your Workplace

Get Screened

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In Utah, we continually see some of the lowest breast screening rates in the country. Mammograms find breast cancer sometimes years before symptoms show up, or it can be felt. Utah has some of the lowest rates in the United of finding breast cancer in stage one or two. This means that women aren’t finding breast cancer in its early stages, when it is most successfully treated because they aren’t getting screened.

We know women are so busy. They are working, and taking care of families, and always putting themselves last. Joelle Fierro with the Utah Department of Health sat down to explain how the department is working with employers and organizations to remind women about the importance of getting screened, help them make it a priority, and assist in making it more convenient for women to get screened for breast cancer.

The Department of Health has healthcare partners throughout Utah that have state of the art mobile mammography units, commonly referred to as mammogram vans. Employers or organizations can schedule the mammo van to come right to their business or building. Women can just walk out and get screened.

There are lots of things employers can do to prioritize the health of their employees. One of the easiest is every October, emailing out a reminder letter about getting screened.

If you are an employer or organization that would like to partner with the Utah Department of Health to make breast cancer screening easy for your employees, please call 1-800-717-1811. They have lots of ideas and can get things set up easily for you.


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