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These workouts were created by exercise physiologist Brett McIff, PhD, PAPHS, from the Utah Department of Health. They will help you learn the correct form and method of various exercises designed to help you build strength. Each exercise is tailored to serve both the beginner or advanced athlete and targets a specific body part.

The Workouts use cost-effective techniques like body-weight resistance, exercise balls and bands, as well as traditional hand weights. You can do all of these exercises in the comfort of your own living room or backyard, print them out and take them to the gym.

Print instructions for the exercises, with pictures to show correct form, at the links below. (You will need to download a FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read and print the files.)

(L)—Large muscle groups(C)—Core muscle groups
(M)—Medium muscle groups(A)—Accessory muscles

Getting Started


The Exercises:

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