About Us

Check Your Health is one of the longest running public-private partnerships in the U.S.  

The Utah Department of Health, Intermountain Healthcare, and KUTV are proud to partner together to improve the quality of life for all Utahns by providing information and opportunities to those who want to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. 

Our history

The Utah Department of Health and Intermountain Healthcare joined with KUTV to partner in a health promotion program to improve the overall health of Utah residents in 1992. Our goal when the program began was to provide information to help people overcome barriers that prevent them from improving their health or seeing a doctor. The major focus of the campaign was to remind everyone which health screenings are needed and when you should get them. 

Over half of adults in Utah adults (56%) and 1 in 4 Utah children are overweight or obese, so the Check Your Health campaign expanded our focus in 2000. Check Your Health now focuses on preventing obesity for all age groups. We provide resources so everyone can create healthy eating habits, eat correct portion sizes, and make wise food choices. Check Your Health also helps Utahns to be active—and spend less time being still and more time on your feet— walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, or just plain having fun!

What people are saying

“Welcome to the source that can help you change your life! I don’t think there is a magic pill that can get you in shape, help you lose weight, or get your heart healthy. What you need is the desire to change unhealthy habits and information to help you do it! The Check Your Health experts have everything you need: nutrition information, easy exercises, food diaries, healthy snacks for kids, and more – all to help you get started. Add this site to your ‘favorites’ list, and use it often!”

Mary Nickles, KUTV 2News