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School-based clinics help communities


School-based clinics provide primary healthcare services to local residents.

Intermountain Healthcare is dedicated to providing access to healthcare services, regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. Intermountain operates a variety of community and school-based clinics to improve health in underserved communities. These clinics provide convenient access to basic medical care, disease prevention, management resources, and other health services to improve community health.

“We know that creating access to care, especially for kids, is critical to giving them the opportunity to be healthy adults. These community clinics are a great place, well trusted in our communities, where we are able to meet people where they are and to help those who have had limited access to regular healthcare feel more comfortable,” said Shireen Ghorbani, Intermountain Community Health Director.

Increasing access to healthcare is a core commitment of Intermountain Healthcare.

The Rose Park Clinic is located in one of the areas in our state with a high rate of uninsured people, according to Ghorbani.

The community health team helps people lead the healthiest lives possible means working to meet families and individuals where they are.

Schools and community-based clinics provide access close to home for a number of people and are often a starting point for people to begin to navigate the healthcare system.

“Our school based clinics are really there to serve the broader community and what that means is individuals that may otherwise have to travel some distance to find care can find it right in their neighborhood school and that is a place that is open to anyone in the public,” said Ghorbani.

Just as schools are invested in the idea of building healthy learners, Intermountain is also committed to connecting families to care.

“We know that during the pandemic people have deferred basic care. If you see one of those clinics, you know it’s time to get back into your regular check ups, please call one of our clinics get an appointment scheduled and come in for care, ” said Ghorbani.

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